Original natural recipe of N848 products comes from distant exotic country of Thailand. These creams and ointments spread worldwide mainly thanks to thai boxing – an important part of thai culture. That is why these products are known and sold as „Thai cream“, „Thai ointment“ or „Boxing liniment“ all around the world. In most cases these are compound names coming from thai words for BOXING (in thai language “MUAY”) and OINTMENT or LINIMENT (“Namman” in thai) Thai natural medicine could learn not only from natural resources of Indian and malay peninsula throughout its development, but also from experience of its direct neighbours such as Barma, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, India or not so distant cradle of all natural medicine – China.

The original settlement of today’s Thailand is dated back to turn of AD. At that time this area was however under influece of Angkor empire. In the middle of the thirteenth century, under the reign of king Ramkhamheng, the citi state of Sukhotaj became the most powerful and influential one. In the years to come it has however been conquered by rulers of legendary state Ajutaja, who controlled most of the thai space thnaks to military force and skillful marriage policy. They even led successful military campaigns against Angkor empire.

Thai relations with their neighbours weren’t alway ideal. Influence of Angkor empire has already been mentioned, and apart from that there were conflicts with Burma which enforced a vassal status upon Thailand. From this time comes the legend about thai boxing practitioner named Nai Khanomtom, who had been captured during the battles with Burmese dynasty of Konbaung. After seven years of imprisonment Burmese king organised a festival where thai prisoners should face burmese fighters. Before the fight Nai Khanomtom performe a Wai Kru dance, whch is still part of thai boxing tradition today. Burmese people unfamiliar with this tradition were convinced that it is some sort of black magic – which was confirmed by Nai Khanomtom subsequently defeating ten of the best burmese fighters. This victory, which brought him not only freedom but also two beautiful burmese wifes, is still celebrated as National Muay Thai day – March 17th.

At the time there were multiple local styles of thai boxing named mostly after geografical areas they came from – Muay Chaiya, Mae Mai Muay Thai, Muay Lopburi, or Muay Korat. Today they are all known under one term Muay Boran, Ancient boxing. Modern form of thai boxing has been introduced in thirties of twentieth centruy. Under the reign of king Rama VII. codified rules as well as standard boxing gloves were introduced. Till that time boxers used to wrap their fists with knotted hemp rope instead.

Thai boxing was and still is a very demanding cobat sport that places a great demands on the body of each fighter during the fight as well as in the practice. From the very beggining these people tried to help their bodies to prepare for the harsh conditions furing the fight and, on the other hand, to calm and regenerate all the injuries and tired tissue after it. One of the most effective ways to do it were thai oils and creams. In 1945 Luangsithi Yotharaks, certified physician from Sirirac university, established a company for industrial production of thai creams and oils. Great knowledge he possessed enables him to produce great range of various medicaments. However the most significant succes was made with thai creams and oils for boxers. Those were the products that made a neme for the company.

His son Thongthots Intarathat continued with the family tradition. Under his command the company started to produce its ware under Namman Muay brand. Thongthots Intarathat was a big fan of boxing from an early childhood, therefore it is not a coincidence that he created a boxing center Kingphet as an adult. In this center he became famous not only as an owener but also as its trainer. Among other successes, this center produced first thai boxing champion Phon Kingphet. On his students Thongthots Intarathat has verified that thai oils and creams have very beneficial effects. By massaging their muscles with thai oil he preppared them perfectly for any kind of performance, after which thai cream brought them relief and relaxation. It also helped to reduce bruises caused by hard kicks and punches.

With the growing interest in Thailand as turistic destination the interest n thai boxing has been growing as well. Film makers were also interested in this fighting style, mainly those that produce action style of movies. That way thai boxing has been popularised in films like Blood Sport or Ong-Bak series. Last but not least the popuparity of thai boxing has been increased by the phenomenon of MMA. That way thai boxing, otherwise known as Muay Thai, spread to whole world and thai oils and creams spread with it. As the time went even other sports became familiar with these products (athletics, cycling, cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, judo, karate, taekwondo, gymnastics, field and ice hockey, skiing, biathlon, skating…) Indoor as well as outdoor sports. Even motosports.

Not only sportsmen but also people from other proffesions where physical activity is a must became familiar with thai liniment (Firefighters, police, construction workers, stonemasons, woodcutters, drivers, soldiers,… ) Some products are suitable even for people that are not under physical but more under mental stress – IT, managers,… Boxers advertised thai oils and thai creams in unique and very effective way. Almost any active person wants to be as tough and ready for erformance as soon as these uncompromising fighters. It applies to both men and women. It applies to young and old. However with the popularity and spread of these products came also several troubles. Even though the products are manufactured under the watchful eye and controled under strict rules, black import caused that in some countries the trust of end customers as well as responsible authorities is currently at very low level.

There is however nothing to worry about, all N848 products, as the brand is known nowadays, are fully certified and underwent all the necessary test in compliance with EU regulations. Doesn’t matter that in some states these products are distributed in pharmacies and in others in sports shops. All the time it is the same and absolutely safe product.