N848 Instant Cold Pack

Quick, effective and convenient way of cooling anywhere you need it. One time use.
What will cold pack help you with

Reliably cools down muscle strains, sprained ankle, feverish forehead or bottle with drink. Lasts longer than pack of ice. Does not melt. Is only cold when you really need it to be. Thanks to it´s construction can be placed directly on place that need to be cooled. No freezer needed.

  • press the bubble inside pack until it pops
  • shake the content in order to mix it evenly
  • place the pack on desired spot
  • the pack is cooled for 10 minutes to about 3 ° C, and then another 20 minutes to about 10ºC.
  • if less cooling effect is needed pack can be wrapped in towel
  • discard after use
  • size of each pack 7×15 cm
  • box includes 2 pcs of packs – price for box (means 2pcs of packs)
  • for external use only
  • do not use if the pack is damaged or torn
  • do not use after expiration date
  • keep out of childrens’ reach
  • store on dry space under 25ºC


Ivo Koblasa
Czech Paralympic Representative Cyclist. Participant of 2016 Paralympic games in the Rio de Janeiro

“I use it for myself I will let my granddad to try it too.”

Ivo Koblasa, born 1993, debuted at the age of 19 in the cycling competitions of the Paralympic Games in London 2012, the World Championship for Road Cycling 2013 (USA), the World Cycling Championship (2014), the World Cycling Champions 2013, etc.

"I have tried everything, all year round cycling training on the roads, on the velodromes, but also on the fitness trainings or at home. Like most of my friends or rivals. But unlike others, cream and n848 oil, that's a really nice surprise. On the knees, calves - they work very quickly, fatigue disappears in no time. Advertising is not exaggerating. I am training intensively, every day, in March 2015 starts the season in the Dutch World Championship on the velodrome, and with spring come one race after another, I want to qualify again for Paralympics 2016 to Rio de Janeiro, try go there for the best result both in the team with our The most experienced - my mate Jirka Ježek, but also in individual competitions.
Now I will give this cream to my grandfather, he is a pilot - a veteran of II. World War, to treat his aches and pains"

Marcel Karger
Amateur athlete - Extreme obstacle race – “Spartan race”

“With N848 products I have the best experience. When I have a chance, I use heating oil before the workout; it prepares my muscles for hard work. After applying the oil, I found out its easier to run and muscles don't hurt so much (I tried it at Spartan races in 2013 and 2014) I am using it for sore muscles, bruises and so on. It always calm down and nicely warms up muscles and helps to get back on the track faster. “

Dominika Durčáková
Amateur athlete, member of rockbike team

“This year's season was long and difficult, 22 weekends I spend with Rockbike.cz team at the races. Fortunately, big injuries had avoided us, but those smaller ones have been countless. We suffered lots of falls, some races were really technically challenging, so bruises were our daily issues. However, we took stock of creams for the whole season and immediately lubricated the affected area after each fall so we could keep going. The bruise cooled down and the pain quieted. We also applied the cream before training and race for better blood circulation. After workout at bedtime, the cream has helped improve the regeneration.

The fact, that the cream speed up the healing process of bruises is obvious. Once I jumped wrong on the race and stumbled across the saddle (see picture). I had a huge bruise on my belly the next day, my stomach hurt, as well. Unfortunately, I didn't have a cream with me, so I couldn't treat affected area. After I came home I’ve immediately started to apply the cream on the big bruise, and it started to disappear day by day. 

Now the team starts winter preparation for next season, we use the cream not only before cycling training, but also before training in the gym, during the training, swimming, etc.

If we wanted the cream to warm up the skin, we apply a larger amount. It cannot be done with oil, so the warming effect is weaker. However, oil is used for back and leg massage. It is not unnecessarily greasy it also spreads nicely and easily sinks into the skin.

We can not imagine the next season without the N848 creams and we hope it will help us to ease the pain after the falls, which unfortunately inherently belongs to the downhill.”